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greenscreen® is an architectural trellis system used to create “green walls”, shade structures, and other architectural elements. The basic component is a three-dimensional, welded wire panel made from recycled content galvanized steel. The possibilities are endless with options including freestanding, wall-mounted, horizontal, columns, curved panels, and planter installations. Green walls have many benefits including cooling effects, heating efficiencies, building protection from UV exposure, improved air quality, noise reduction, increased biodiversity, habitat reestablishment, security and LEED qualification.


Ironsmith Mid Atlantic

IRONSMITH manufactures tree grates, trench grates, tree guards, and bollards. Our cast products are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. The Paver-Grate® Suspended Paver System is an alternative to traditional tree grates and allows for design over tree wells instead of around them. IRONSMITH welcomes the opportunity to assist with your custom designs.

Old Town Fiberglass

Mid atlantic manufacturer- Old Town Fiberglass

Old Town Fiberglass manufactures high-quality fiberglass planters and waterproof liners in an exceptional range of sizes, shapes, finishes, and colors. Our planters can be used to decorate or transform any public space – indoors and out. We offer a wide selection of classic or modern designs, each made-to-order to your specifications. If you need a custom solution, we can create almost anything you can imagine!

Crimson Poolside

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Crimson Poolside proudly handcrafts all of its high-quality pool furnishings in Haleyville, Alabama. From the finest USA sourced materials to superior design and construction, Crimson Poolside’s experienced labor force provides the most structurally sound outdoor furnishing available. Transform your patio or pool deck with exceptional sling products and ultimate comfort cushions available in a wide variety of designs and configurations with beautiful fabric choices.

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